Looks like Hardwood But Is It?

We love laminate floors and you might too!

Laminate has several advantages over hardwood:

  • Installation is less complicated therefore it is faster and more economical
  • More scratch resistant, perfect for people with pets and kids
  • Often requires less floor leveling than wood
  • Installation can be completed in less time, so you can have your house back sooner
  • Many laminate floors look as good as wood

Wood or Laminate?

Is this floor made of laminate or real hardwood? These days it can be hard to tell.

This floor is a premium laminate with beveled edges and a “hand scraped” finish. It looks great and wears better than real hardwoods.

Traditional, Economical and Durable

These rooms feature quality flooring with a traditional look.

As with many laminate floors this installation was more economical then a similar floor made from hardwood. Because it is a floating floor and is not glued down, installation costs are decreased. The finished look is very close to real wood at a fraction of the cost.

If you have kids or pets, you may want to give serious consideration to a quality laminate floor.