Storage Opportunities Abound

Here is a selection of little additions that made a big difference. These little cabinets were all built specifically for the place they were installed. The purpose of each project was to add storage where it was insufficient.

A Compact Workstation

This little workstation really packs a punch! Look how much storage is available in this relatively small space.

The unique design of this corner desk made the most of the space in a spare bedroom allowing the client to carve out a niche for a home office.

Just for Kids

A Room of His Own

This room is a man’s room. I am not even sure if his wife goes in there. There’s an office in here somewhere. But really it’s all about hobbies, TV and video games. There’s even a fish on the wall and a golf ball collection. What more could a man want?

The most unique aspect of this particular project was the desktop that is tucked away in the closet. This was an ingenious idea that was provided by the client. We were happy to make it a reality for him.

Fits like a Glove

Over the years, these pictures have inspired many of our clients to ask us about adding a window bench to their home.

Well folks, this bench was already here but as you can see there was just enough room on each side to add the display shelves. It was obviously put to good use, both for storage and decor.