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Lighten Up

What an amazing transformation!

What an amazing transformation!

Getting Ready to Sell

Clients often contact us in preparation for putting their home up for sale. Updates to bathrooms and kitchens top the most wanted lists of both buyers and sellers. This project is a good example of what a typical presale renovation might look like.

Simple changes like replacing tubs, toilets and re-tiling can lead to increased home values and quicker sales.

Add a Closet

Sometimes what you really need is another closet. Castle Improvement can add one seamlessly to your room.

A Perfect Fit

Having your entertainment center custom built allows you to make the best use of the available space in your room. Our smart solutions are beautiful, affordable and practical.

A Secluded Deck

Not only does this new deck provide a cozy place to spend a little time outdoors but it fills in the space between two entrances. One entrance to the garage and one to the house. This eliminates the steps and allows a person to walk directly out on a deck rather than step down.

Deck and Shade Covering

From the front

Make the Most of Your Interior Doors

This elegant little balcony overlooks the family room from the master bedroom.

By upgrading to custom doors with decorative glass inserts, the full potential of this architectural feature was unlocked.