What a Difference A Little Color Makes

This particular bathroom was old, and although it was in decent shape, it had an cold feeling to it. The stark white walls and fixtures did not create an inviting atmosphere and there was no real contrast in the colors.

We worked with our client to create an inviting space that fit her tastes and preferences. Because the tub, toilet, cabinets and countertop were in good shape we kept them.

The new design features:

  • Textured and faux painted walls replace the wallpaper. The warm beige color is used to accent the new tile and warm the room up.
  • Frameless glass sliding doors and bronze fixtures give an elegant flare to the room
  • Hard wearing porcelain tile that resembles stone gives the room an authentic look, along with a richness that was lacking in the previous glossy whit tiles.
  • A new light fixture, mirror and shelf are in keeping with the new style and colors.