Add a Closet

Sometimes what you really need is another closet. Castle Improvement can add one seamlessly to your room.

A Perfect Fit

Having your entertainment center custom built allows you to make the best use of the available space in your room. Our smart solutions are beautiful, affordable and practical.

A Room Re-Purposed

“No need to add on to the house”. That is what one family decided when their twin boys needed a place to play. Rather than adding an addition to the house, this family converted their rarely used formal dining and living rooms to a comfy and practical place for the boys to watch TV an enjoy their toys.

Built-in Cabinets were the key to getting the most from these two rooms.

Before the cabinets were built the rooms where enclosed. Space saving pocket doors and a transom window provided privacy from the front entry without sacrificing light, while adding wall space to the interior of the room. On the other side of the space a doorway leading to the kitchen was fitted with dutch door to “contain” the kids and still provide an opportunity to keep and eye on them from the kitchen. Plus imagine all the fun and creative play that will happen with that door.

The Little Sink Hole

This client got a new puppy and wanted to put a large sink into a cabinet the had a small sink (hole).

As it turns out, you don’t always need to build something entirely new. Sometimes a little remodeling will do wonders to make a cabinet fit the needs of your family.

We remodeled this cabinet to make room for a larger sink (to bathe the new pup). The bank of drawers were relocated to the end of the cabinet and the door was moved to their place. This made room for the new larger sink. A granite counter was installed to top it all off.

Storage Opportunities Abound

Here is a selection of little additions that made a big difference. These little cabinets were all built specifically for the place they were installed. The purpose of each project was to add storage where it was insufficient.

Office Space for the Whole Family

These workstations where built to allow for two people to work comfortably at the same time. Space was maximized by working around the window and relocating electrical and phone services as needed. The main workstation on the right provides all the space needed for computer equipment while the desk beneath the window is perfect for homework or crafts.

A Compact Workstation

This little workstation really packs a punch! Look how much storage is available in this relatively small space.

The unique design of this corner desk made the most of the space in a spare bedroom allowing the client to carve out a niche for a home office.

Window Dressing

Looking at this space, it was easy to see it had great potential for storage, seating and display. But potential is all that it had until we added this custom designed window seat and valance.

The addition truly transformed the space, adding both beauty and function. The later addition of wallpaper and window treatments by our client made it all the more special.

The unit was constructed using solid oak for the faces and doors and 3/4 inch oak plywood for the sides and top, the finish was matched to the client’s existing kitchen cabinetry.  Six flat-panel doors open wide for additional storage space while the padded top allows for extra seating at dinner or during special gatherings.

Just for Kids