Kitchen Cabinet Repairs

Kitchen cabinets get a lot of use and abuse. They also reside near the heat and moisture produces by sinks, cooktops and dishwashers.

If you have a damaged cabinet there is a good chance that we can repair it for you.

Types of cabinet repairs:

  • Repair/replace sides
  • Repair or Replace doors
  • Adjust hinges
  • Patch holes
  • Replace interior bottoms that have been damaged by water
  • Replace faded cabinet sides
  • Replace show molding that has been damaged
  • Install handles

Check out these pictures of some cabinets that we have restored.

A Room Re-Purposed

“No need to add on to the house”. That is what one family decided when their twin boys needed a place to play. Rather than adding an addition to the house, this family converted their rarely used formal dining and living rooms to a comfy and practical place for the boys to watch TV an enjoy their toys.

Built-in Cabinets were the key to getting the most from these two rooms.

Before the cabinets were built the rooms where enclosed. Space saving pocket doors and a transom window provided privacy from the front entry without sacrificing light, while adding wall space to the interior of the room. On the other side of the space a doorway leading to the kitchen was fitted with dutch door to “contain” the kids and still provide an opportunity to keep and eye on them from the kitchen. Plus imagine all the fun and creative play that will happen with that door.

The Little Sink Hole

This client got a new puppy and wanted to put a large sink into a cabinet the had a small sink (hole).

As it turns out, you don’t always need to build something entirely new. Sometimes a little remodeling will do wonders to make a cabinet fit the needs of your family.

We remodeled this cabinet to make room for a larger sink (to bathe the new pup). The bank of drawers were relocated to the end of the cabinet and the door was moved to their place. This made room for the new larger sink. A granite counter was installed to top it all off.

The Bold, The Bright, The Beautiful

shower prior to glassIn today’s market there is tile to fit every taste from traditional to trendy. This client chose a bold porcelain tile to complement the Venetian plaster that they recently applied to spice up a previous all white and beige master bathroom.

Soap dishes, corner shelves, border detail

We love these corner shelves, they are great for organizing and stowing all those bottles of shampoo, soap, body wash and other bath products that a couple’s shower tends to accumulate.

Here is the finished product. Glass and all.

Looks like Hardwood But Is It?

We love laminate floors and you might too!

Laminate has several advantages over hardwood:

  • Installation is less complicated therefore it is faster and more economical
  • More scratch resistant, perfect for people with pets and kids
  • Often requires less floor leveling than wood
  • Installation can be completed in less time, so you can have your house back sooner
  • Many laminate floors look as good as wood

Simple and Elegant Master Bath

As with so many bathrooms, this one has great bones. It just needed a fresh face.

We kept the tub, cabinets and woodwork.

Many upgrades have been made:

  • New shower, tub and sink fixtures
  • New tile flooring
  • Faux painted and textured walls
  • Updated light fixtures (not pictured)
  • New shower tile and tub surround

Time to Remodel that Basic Builder Shower

Master Bathroom – Updated on a Budget

After the frameless shower enclosure was installed.

This is a full bathroom remodel that we had lots of fun with.

As you might imagine a large project like this one involves good communication and rapport between remodeler and client. We work with the client to get them just what the want.

This project features:

  • New tile floor, shower pan and walls, tub apron and tub surround
  • New air-jet whirlpool tub
  • New countertops
  • Frameless glass enclosure
  • Brushed Nickle fixtures
  • Fresh paint on the walls, trim and cabinets

As you can see, the end result was nothing short of fantastic!

Wood or Laminate?

Is this floor made of laminate or real hardwood? These days it can be hard to tell.

This floor is a premium laminate with beveled edges and a “hand scraped” finish. It looks great and wears better than real hardwoods.

What a Difference A Little Color Makes

This particular bathroom was old, and although it was in decent shape, it had an cold feeling to it. The stark white walls and fixtures did not create an inviting atmosphere and there was no real contrast in the colors.

We worked with our client to create an inviting space that fit her tastes and preferences. Because the tub, toilet, cabinets and countertop were in good shape we kept them.

The new design features:

  • Textured and faux painted walls replace the wallpaper. The warm beige color is used to accent the new tile and warm the room up.
  • Frameless glass sliding doors and bronze fixtures give an elegant flare to the room
  • Hard wearing porcelain tile that resembles stone gives the room an authentic look, along with a richness that was lacking in the previous glossy whit tiles.
  • A new light fixture, mirror and shelf are in keeping with the new style and colors.